December 14, 2010

Review--Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

My dogs enjoyed my reading Linger—there were plenty of extra hugs as the story progressed with the same solid senses of hope and sadness as Shiver, the tale it continues. Ms. Stiefvater uses sadness like an expert make-up artist, highlighting the twists of Sam and Grace’s struggle for a human relationship and Isabel’s increasing fascination with the wolves amidst the depredations of lycanthropy. The hope comes, as it should, from the reader as she awaits the outcome of each change, whether it is Grace’s illness or Sam’s adaptation to being fully human again or even the way the new wolves will handle their situation as the temperature rises and they come back to themselves.

While I found myself relying on warm fuzzies to get me through parts of the story, I loved reading it. Moreover, I’m amazed at the way Ms. Stiefvater has deepened the story that she told in Shiver, making sure that the reader sees in the decorations of the fairy tale the strength of the structures that will underlay the character’s decisions throughout a lifetime. In addition, Linger is a compulsive read. Especially around the holidays, it’s a bit dangerous to assume you can snatch “just one chapter” in between gift-wrapping.

Linger is a welcome YA fantasy in which you find yourself wandering in and then deciding to stay. It’s a great story and I’m glad to have read it.

Good reading and happy holidays,

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Gary Denton said...

Loved the review. My daughter is captivated by this story, and I'm hoping for a third installment soon.