October 8, 2010

Fantasy Artist: Jenna David

Jenna David is a U.S. based fantasy artist that works mainly in oils. She recently received her BFA in Studio Arts and is working toward an MFA in Painting. Much of Jenna's art can be described as being influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement in that many of her subjects are inspired by myth and legend as well as classical literary works. Jenna's art combines elements of Fantasy art, Surrealism, and Magic Realism to form illustrative fantasy with elements of photorealism. "The creation of all of my artwork flows from the desire to tell a story. Just like an author uses prose and verse to weave an intricate tale, color and composition compel me to create and convey the spirit of a heroine."

A Mermaid's Secret
"A Mermaid's Secret" speaks to the myths of Ondine and those of the sirens, as well as water nymphs. This mermaid was inspired by the blue, turquoise, and aqua colors that express the spirit of the sea.

"Arianrhod" illustrates the goddess within Celtic myth and legend that is known to carry the souls of the deceased to Emania. Celtic goddess of the Silver Wheel, Arianrhod is associated with and can transform into an Owl, and through the eyes of the Owl, can see the truth in the human soul.

Once Upon a Winter's Night
"Once Upon a Winter's Night" is a depiction of a woman reading a fairytale. Yet more significant, she finds herself not only within the story that she reads, but also as the heroine of the tale. This piece takes the viewer back to times of reading epic stories and captivating tales where the wish and dream of playing a part in the story comes to reality.

Daughter of Avalon
"Daughter of Avalon" represents many females within Arthurian legend and was greatly inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon. Specifically, this woman tells the legend from the perspective of characters such as Morgause and Morgaine (or Morgan le Fay), as well as those that dwell in Avalon that practice the old religion of the mother goddess.

Where Truth Dwells
"Where Truth Dwells" depicts the female spirit of Gaia or Mother Earth. The lantern and the light metaphorically speak to the idea of truth coming from within. Her roots reach deep within the earth to ground her in that truth.

Prints of Jenna's art are available here:

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Images © Jenna David

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