September 21, 2010

Fairy Tale Poem: Carterhaugh’s Rose by Gypsy Thornton

Carterhaugh’s Rose
Gypsy Thornton

In the shadowed ruins of Carterhaugh
Love’s flower blooms in a bed of wild grass
Sighing air whispers, full of fairy dust promises
Heady scent infusing, sweet with apple dreams
Whispered breath quivers on rose pricked skin
Tender leaves shuddering at a single touch
Across twilight’s threshold shadows intertwine
A thorn-woven tartan over green mantle laid down
Blushed petals opening under new moon
Growing night stretches across eager sky
Reverent caress curves round seed-laden hip
Dew-tears kiss trembles upon outstretched limb
The hold tightens, bold. Hot breath whispers: “Mine!”
Dusky bloom deepens to womb-red tint
Firm to the last the stem releases its treasure
A gasp, then the cry: “Lady! Pluck no more!”

Gypsy Thornton is a human/zombie hybrid & urban fantasy/fairy tale writer-mama who wishes she had tastier brains to snack on while writing. She moderates #UFchat on Twitter every Saturday at 3pm PST. She's also known as the Fairy Tale News Hound - sniffing out all forms of fairy tale news and events (feel free to throw her a bone if you're so inclined). Contact her at fairytalenews AT gmail DOT com or join her on Twitter (@inkgypsy) to chat writing, urban fantasy, modern mythic or gritty, old fairy tales.

Copyright(c) Gypsy Thornton

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Alyne deWinter said...

Really nice poem Gypsy!
I wrote my first novel based on Tam Lin about 100 years ago. It may RIP.

Nice take o the story!