September 29, 2010

Fairy Tale Poem by Chrissa Sandlin

For Years They Sieved the Stars
Chrissa Sandlin

For years they sieved the stars
But Winken wakes and Blinken stares
And there is no rocking for Nod

Pulse-sped tidal rivers rise
On a lava flume of lamplight
Around their raft tonight

They founder in inky shoals
Keel carving trails in glittered grit
Beneath each sleepy sailor

Weary are the restless nets
Knotted for smoother seas and casts
Into those clear silver dreams

About Chrissa: A part-time writer and mom to an Eskie/Papillon mix and a retriever mix, Chrissa mainly writes speculative poems about the inner lives of napping dogs. She is hopelessly outclassed in the ability to evoke the beauty of warm squares of carpet but does sometimes manage to enjoy the dust drifting in front of the monitor while the fur at her feet snores. She blogs at Moon Pools and Mermaids ( and welcomes reader’s comments.

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