September 9, 2010

Fairy Tale & Dark Fantasy Wick’d Potions by Jfay (with Giveaway!)

I’m exicited to announce Supernatural Fairy Tales signature Wick’d Potion, Blueberry Spell, by Studio 3B.

Blueberry Spell Potion is a delish blend of sweet blueberries and warm vanilla, with just a hint of blackberries and amber. It smells really yummy, and the bottles and necklaces are fun: they have blue and white beads and a magic wand charm. The scent was inspired by Blueberry Eyes, my Hansel and Gretal revisited tale.

Blueberry Spell is one of the potions from the Fairy Tale/Dark Fantasy line of mystical and magical perfumes by Candle Artisan JFay. Other scents in this collection include: Fairy Chiffon, Spice Berry Fusion, and Cherry Fairy. They’re all available in potion bottles and potion necklaces.

The CHERRY FAIRY Potion ROCKS!! It is an in-your-face irresistible blend of both red and black cherries enhanced by a "secret" enchanted fruit.

FAIRY CHIFFON is a magical treat with the soft and delicious aroma of lemon chiffon, a beautiful blend of lemon and vanilla.

And SPICE BERRY FUSION is a magical blend of blueberry, mulberry, black cherry, and clove. It was inspired by Author William Maltese's YA book FLICKER ~ Book of Answers.

The Giveaway! One Blueberry Spell Potion Necklace (like the one on the left) and one small sample of each of the four fairy tale/dark fantasy potions mentioned above (a total of 5 prizes) will be given away courtesy of JFay and SFT.

To enter, leave a comment by Sept 13, 2010 to this post, and I will randomly draw names from the comments and announce winners on September 14, 2010. Open to Continental U.S. addresses only please.

*Bonus* Hit the Retweet button at the top of this post and let me know your Twitter address, and I’ll enter your name into the drawing twice. I’ll probably follow you, too (Er on Twitter - not in real life :)

Make sure to stop by Studio 3B and check out all of JFay’s Wick’d Potions - She has an awesome Gothic and Vampire line, too.


WiltingSoul said...

These sound like they smell soo good. :) I'm off to RT now also, my username is WiltingSoul on twitter.

WiltingSoul said...

I'm having issues RTing. It doesn't want to bring up a url or anything. I'm going to RT what vampirewear tweeted if that's alright.

Dorlana said...

Hi Wilting Soul :) That's perfect - You have two entries - thank you!

AngelwolfStorm said...

Those all sound wonderful!

I also have a Twitter name it is under Angelwolfphoto will be following you

Anonymous said...

The site looks amazing, Dorlana. I have added it to my favorites to check it out at my leisure. I've written a paranormal time travel romance involving mysticism, so this is right up my alley!

Best of luck with it,
Candace Bowen Early

KyleeJ said...

I think we already follow each other on Twitter. This is me entering.

KyleeJ said...

and entering again

hisshahzaadii said...

I'd like to enter, they sound like they smell really good. I would like to enter twice but I haven't joined Twitter yet haha. =]

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hi Dorlana!

Love the potions at Studio 3B!! Aren't they just fabulous!

I've tweeted--KMNbooks
I'm already following you on Twitter,but now following your blog. :)

Loretta said...

Hi Dorlana:)
I enjoyed the blog...AND all the information about the potions:) How deliciously wicked!;)

On another topic, "Silverweed" looks very enticing....and it's coming in just the right season...chilly nights, warm cocoa, and a good read. It doesn't get any better than that:)

Loretta Wheeler

Mindy said...

Hi Dorlana :)
The potions sound FANTASTIC!
LOVE your books, they're hot 8D
I'm following you on Twitter, Re-tweeted (RainbowEyes41), and following your Blog.

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh wow that so cool
I'm rting @Meandicorner

Becky said...

Sounds awesome.

I'll RT it, @GeckyBoz

Susan said...

I seem to have come to this backward as I saw this giveaway on twitter first and then came to the site. I'm lad I did as I find I very interesting and plan on coming back often. This necklace and scent item are charming and I have wanted one for a very long time (I always find something else at Ren-Fests and shops). Thank you for this chance. I am @katanilla on twitter and katanilla at gmail dot com