May 14, 2010

Steamed by Katie MacAlister--Review

In the gracious blending of genres that brings the flavour of romance to each one in turn, Steamed is a brassy cup of tea. Ms. MacAlister gives us an interesting character in Captain Octavia Pye coupled with a somewhat less-so character in Jack Fletcher and brings them together in Octavia's steampunk-influenced world through a lab accident that also brings along Jack's sister Hallie.

Captain Pye commands a tramp airship and must determine how much of Jack's story to believe and whether to follow her attraction to him. I found the constant emphasis on the attraction to be something of a distraction because it reduced my willingness to take the rest of the plot as seriously. Then again, romance is a genre that I tend to read only tangentially.

On the whole, if you're interested in a spicy take on what a steampunk present might look like, this is the book for you.

Good reading,

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Book Calendar said...

This book caught my attention earlier. I think I'll read it after your review. It reminds me of another book which I just read, Soulless.