May 20, 2010

Fairy Tale Poem by Myrriah Hopkins

Happily Ever After
by Myrriah Hopkins

I open a book of fairy tales
-Grimm, Anderson, Perrault-
And I see words between words.

Little girls, stay away
From wolves on the path
For they are full of fairy tales.

If you think the beast
Contains a man, listen
To his words between words.

If the chance is love or death,
Mermaids shouldn’t be surprised to die,
Even in a book of fairy tales.

Cut your ankles to fit glass shoes,
Or maybe lop off a toe or two,
But you fail to read words between words.

All hedgehogs and frogs
Could be a prince in disguise,
According to my book of fairy tales.
But only if I want to see words between words.

About Myrriah Hopkins: My name is Myrriah Hopkins, but you can call me Myrr. I currently live in Florida with my family, some dogs, and a bunch of cats. I've had a passion for telling stories since I was in first grade, where I made a game of trying to scare my friends with urban myths. My main goal with my writing is to make people smile. If I can make someone laugh after they've had a rough day, it's worth the hours of typing and editing. Although humor is my usual style, I try to dabble in all genres. Outside of writing, my other loves include animals, animation, Incredible Hulk comics, and pinball.

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