April 16, 2010

Scenes from Fairy Tale Films by Lisa Stock

Below is a scene from Lisa Stock's feature film, TITANIA, a retelling of the fairy tale of the Armless Maiden through the fairy queen, Titania, and other characters from "Midsummer" and Greek mythology. It is a dream sequence between Titania and Moprheus in which she finds the landscape of her home drastically changed from summer to winter. Morpheus reveals his true identity to her and shows her a way into the forest.

Directed by Lisa Stock
Cinematography by Steve Acevedo
Titania - Victoria Hay
Morpheus - Keith Chandler
Oberon - Ryan Farrell

TITANIA - Dream Scene

Next is a scene from BROTHER AND SISTER, a Short film adaptation of the traditional fairy tale and contemporary poem by Terri Windling.

Directed by Lisa Stock
Cinematography - Jeff Bernier
Music - Priscilla Hernandez
Brother - Seth Harris
Sister - Michelle Santagate

Brother and Sister

For more info about these films or about Lisa Stock visit: http://www.Inbytheeye.com

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