April 13, 2010

Lisa Stock's Myth and Fairy Tale Films

Image Gallery of Myth & Fairy Tale Films

by Filmmaker Lisa Stock

In the 1980's I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Communist Russia as part of the first Youth Summit between American and Soviet teens. What I saw around me was a fairy tale culture brought to life: brightly colored buildings, tall, lush forests, traditional dances, and despite the hardships they faced everyday - the most enchanting, intelligent people I've ever met - all with a mysterious tale to tell. I came away with a yearning to re-connect to these timeless fables as they still do in that region of the world. And the more I read of the gods of Greece, and the princesses of France, the more I came to realize how pertinent they still were. In my films I aim to do two things - take you somewhere you've never been before, and bring these ancient stories to the present day viewer by linking common themes and giving the viewer a new perspective. In doing so I hope to convey the importance of classical works and their relevance to a contemporary audience and the world we live in.

TITANIA - is part 1 of The Medisaga Trilogy. This is a retelling of the Armless Maiden tale through Shakespeare’s faery queen. TITANIA is a low-budget fantasy, which relies on a strong story, compelling characters, and creativity. The faery queen, Titania, embarks on a journey of rediscovery after she is betrayed by one of her own and brutally attacked within the forest of her realm. In order to become whole again, she must go on a journey of healing which will take her from her home, across ancient pilgrim roads and ultimately into the Underworld for her greatest test.

The Medisaga Trilogy puts a woman in the traditional Hero’s role of separation, initiation and return. She must overcome several obstacles – many from within – to become whole again. But the film is not just a story with two sequels – each film finds Titania continuing her journey through a different landscape and time period.

This film is currently in pre-production. We will shoot a short film prequel to TITANIA in May, and plan to premiere it at the Three Wishes Fairy Fest in Cornwall, England in June. We also plan to shoot the entire trilogy in the 2nd half of 2010.

BROTHER AND SISTER – based on the traditional fairy tale and contemporary poem by Terri Windling. It was such a pleasure to bring Terri Windling’s beautiful words to life. Her words and artwork both inspired me to make this film. I love Terri’s illustrations of people with antlers or tree branches for hair. I think this speaks to our deepest desires, our deepest instinctual selves. To me, this story is about risking all to follow your dreams. What is the true happily ever after for each of us? What is your true nature? Sister watches as her brother turns into a roe and runs free through the forest, and she suddenly recognizes the call of the wild .within herself. I think at some point in our lives we all have a trigger that sets us on our true path, and that’s what “Brother & Sister” is about. This film is a bit different in that it doesn’t follow the traditional story structure of beginning, middle, and end – but rather highlights the moment of inspiration and then transformation for the Sister. Her first step toward following her dream and her true self

WILD HUNT – The pilot for this web series is being shot in April 2010. It weaves together the legend of the Wild Hunt and Furious Host with the myth of Daphne (and Apollo) – and is set in the Victorian era. It follows two characters, Marie and the Butler in a gentlemen’s club, as they try to outrun and out smart the Captain of the Furious Host. To earn their hold on life, each must discover the Captain’s weakness to beat him at his own game. What they must also consider in is how Daphne, once the Captain’s prey and now his muse, factors in to their own mortality. In turn each battles with their own beliefs in myth and how much of a part they play in our lives. Ultimately, one will champion, and one will fail – one will survive and one will not...

About Lisa Stock: Lisa is a filmmaker working in the mythic arts. She pulls her stories from a varied background in theater, film and anthropology, with 5 plays produced in New York City, and 8 years of work at the American Museum of Natural History behind her. Her work delves into our human nature and what we embrace and allow to happen that might not always sit well with our conscience, and the choices we make to deal with our circumstances. Her stories take those inner tendencies, and brings them to life visually through tales incorporating myth and fairy tale. Lisa’s most recent film “The Silent Nick and Nora” played in London, Cannes and New York in 2009. She is currently in pre-production on TITANIA – a retelling of the fairy tale of the Armless Maiden through Shakespeare’s fairy queen. She lives on the web at http://www.inbytheeye.com/

http://www.titaniafilm.com/ - Titania's website

All images © Lisa Stock


Aline deWinter said...

This is wonderful! I hope these films will be available for all of us to see. Your choices of fairy tales are among my favorites. When i was an actress i played Titania--it was one of my favorite roles and very dark at that.
I hope to stay posted about these films.

Lisa Stock said...

Thank you Aline! We hope that everyone will be able to see TITANIA too. It's a wonderful role and I'm thrilled to be able to expand it and give her her own story. :) Lisa