February 14, 2010

Fairy Tale Quarterly: The Filigree

The Filigree is a Fairy Tale Quarterly that features the Artworks of husband & wife team, Celena Cavala & Martin Obakke. In it, you’ll get Breaking News, Arts & Entertainments, Sports, Obituaries, Classifieds & Advice. The Filigree seeks to tell the story of the Fairy Tale Underdog and the mechanics, problems & joys of everyday living in the world of Fairy Tale. The Creatures are made from fabric & polymer clay with a copper armature which makes them flexile and can range in sizes from 12 in. to 3 feet tall. Each is individually sculpted by Martin, who also takes care of all the Filigree's graphics. Celena writes all the stories, helps in dressing the creatures and they both work on the photos & conception together.

The Sinking of the Concordia, Spring ’09 Bayonne police escort Genevieve Reed & Mahala Ward to the county Jail where they will await charges for their involvement in the Concordia Sinking…

New Candy Trolls Confectionary in Cherry Hill, Spring ’09 Lou presents a freshly baked sheet of Witch finger Lollies, a recipe passed way down from great-great-great granddaddy Troll….

Mordacais Jones & the Imaginary Friends Foundling hospitals Orphan Stealer has Fled, Summer ’09, Mordacais Jones, last year, escorting 2 Imaginary Friends to the Orphan Trains…

State of the Art Haunting- Old School Style at Vic’s Meatatorium, Autumn ‘ 09, Vic Sommers, freshly rotting zombie has spent that last 6 mos. Since his foray into Zombiehood literally pouring over books on the best scare tactics in the business for his soon to be open Haunted house, ‘the Meatatorium.’

Nellie Cornea & Little Brother, Winter ’09, Legends & Lanterns at Hollowman’s, Hardesty’s Hopes Frozen

CoCo Bunny — Fairy Filigreeture Winter ‘09



Anonymous said...

They need edit more diligently.
The punctuation is atrocious...makes reading difficult!

Anonymous said...

Well...there must be some paranormal activity on this blog as I tried to leave one just now and it seemed to escape 'itself'
It seems as an entity has left a comment before mine and seems to need help in the way of defining how to go about writing a truly delicious sentence.
I too have succumbed to the delightful creativity of Martin and Celena with their wondrous dolls and quirky Filigree Newletter. And alas, Cream Lemonade chose to live with me a few weeks ago, one of the filigreetures who needed a new home. She has behaved herself very well...indeed...but she misses her other life and I may have to add another creature to my collection to cheer Cream Lemonade up.
Now, I am off to explore more of this wondrous blog...
Teresa in California