January 20, 2010

Tam Lin Inspired Poem by Ian Hunter


My skin looks normal
but it wasn’t always so
Once, it looked as if
I had dipped my face in the sun
Eyebrows burned away

You said look for the white horse
and I did, but was too scared to move
towards those fabulous creatures
Until something pulled me forward
Perhaps our unborn child
drawn to you

I dragged you down
and held you fast
Through all your transformations
The roar of the beast
The roar of the fire
Tugging against the Faerie Queen
Until there was nothing left,
but you
No more changes
yet I was left changed forever

I never tell you, Tam Lin,
when we lie together
how I long
for the feel of your claw and teeth
your bites and scratches

The reflection of the rippling river
is kind to my ruined body
but I do wonder
when I look at the sorrows of my skin
If it was worth it
If you were worth it

Ian Hunter lives in Scotland, and is a member of the British Fantasy Society (and poetry editor for their magazine “Dark Horizons”), as well as being a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle and the Ghost Story Society. He is author of three children’s novels – “The Dark Knight’s Blade”, “Lipstick Lass” and “The Magic Mousehole”, and the guide to the alternative Glasgow they didn’t want you to know about “Fantastic Glasgow”. His poems and stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK, the USA and Canada.

His website is http://www.ian-hunter.co.uk/, and he is a founding member of the Scottish writer’s collective Read Raw, http://www.readrawltd.co.uk/


Michelle Kafka said...

Love it. It's full of imagery.

The Ink Gypsy said...

Wonderful! I adore this fairy tale ballad but not for the reasons most seem to and you've tapped right into some of the issues that intrigue me. Your poem is exactly how I see the relationship - I think that baby-a-coming made all the difference to what happened that night.. Love that you explore the sense of touch - both for Janet's own skin, the touch of her memory and the touch of her present. Wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing.