January 6, 2010

Alice in Natural Light: An Interview with Photographer Matthew Nicholson

Hi Matthew! Please tell us a little about yourself and your studio, Dim Horizon Studio.
To begin with an overly simplified, down and dirty description of myself, lets begin by saying, I’m a driven creative soul with a background in a whole slew of geeky pursuits. I’ve always had a passion for the surreal and creative expression. Dim Horizon Studio began as a humble dream and a method for me to help illustrate to the world my perception of the world around me. Ultimately, this passion has blossomed into is a creative photography firm based out of Woodstock Georgia with a wide range of clients where the specialization is in truly serving the client in all creative aspects.

How did you get into photography, and how long have you been a photographer?
I began shooting roughly 7 years ago while struggling through a rather obnoxious college & work schedule. It’s truly amazing what sleep depravation (at the time, I was sleeping roughly 4 hours a night) and a passionate spirit will do for a creative pursuits.

I really love your Steampunk and the Fairy tale prints. Can you tell us a little about these photos and what inspired you to shoot them?
Steampunk has truly had an explosion of attention over the past couple of years and I’d expect the fairy tale theme to do much the same with the upcoming focus on Alice in Wonderland (even if that theme in particular is quite common within the novice photography model circuit). As for my images, I was quite lucky to interface with a local Steampunk troupe that is truly a powerhouse of talented individuals. After speaking with them and illustrating my abilities with natural light we set out to capture their rich characters in unique environments. My biggest goal when planning and executing all of my Steampunk shoots is to really bring out the characters that the models typically have extensive background information on. A picture really should be worth a 1000 words and when given such elaborate costuming and talent, it’s easy to turn it into a small novel.

The same can be said for my Alice inspired shoot; again, I was quite lucky to catch a local fashion student with an eye for the surreal and unique. With only a little direction on wardrobe the rest as they say is history. I utilize my post processing techniques to breathe an extra level of life into my photographs as well as bring that to that surreal beauty that can only be conceptualized by the mind and imagination.

How would you describe your style?
My style has always been difficult to describe in my own mind. I’d have to say its a little dash of candid photography with creative flair and an attention to natural light with all its glorious uses.

Which photographers do you admire and how have they influenced your work?
I think it would be impossible to actually list all the photographers I admire. In most case though, I find that my work is always influenced by images that capture you in both an emotional sense as well as an intellectual sense.

What advice would you give a person wanting to be a professional photographer?
My greatest advice to anyone starting on the road to become a professional photographer would be to always be true to yourself above all else and always accept free advice. There will be a million and one people in the industry that will tell you how you do things wrong, take it with a grain of salt because so long as you remain true to your passions and goals, the industry will one day catch up to you.

Thank you so much for stopping in and for sharing your creative and captivating "Alice in Wonderland" photographs!

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FARfetched said...

Waves to Matthew from the free-range insane asylum to his northeast

They work pretty well - where did you find the backdrop?

Candle Artist Jfay said...

AWESOME Interview and I LOVE the Alice in Wonderland photographs!

Dim Horizon said...

It's actually a local park in Georgia. I've used the ruins often for all sorts of shoots. :)