November 27, 2009

Fairy Tale Poem by Guest Writer Chrissa Sandlin

The Land of Never Tell
Don’t open a door, don’t look at a man
(Inspired by the fairy tale, East of the Sun West of the Moon)
I live in the land of Never Tell
Where the richest of secrets
Is the depth of a soul, a man
And to see his full measure
Will soon break the spell.

East of the sun in a Lapland fur
On the borders of the land
I dig my fingers deep
In the snow beyond the snow
West of the moon and his curse.

Witches hide curses in rude boys
Who grown them silent within.
Never Tell is their secret place
In a sacred unfastening, skins,
And girls with golden toys.

Sister wives would know me,
Telling me their shall-nots
Like half-welcome guests,
Lifting the sun to the morn
With patience, wearily.

On our circumscribed quest
We girdle the entire globe
In a fairy tale of kindness
Borrowing our way on
To being kindly kept.

Give me my husband! Bid
My tongue to silent lie
Like my body beside him.
Bear me up, bear me up!
In Never Tell I live.

1 comment:

Dorlana said...

Great poem Chrissa! My fav line: Witches hide curses in rude boys