October 9, 2009

Halloween Costumes - Can You fool the Ghouls and Ghosts? by Guest Writer Linda Lindsey

Halloween Costumes
Can You fool the Ghouls and Ghosts?

Do you have your costume ready for Halloween? Is it good enough to fool the evil spirits and ghosts? Luckily today all Halloween revelers have to worry about is how much candy will fit in their loot bag or if their costume is good enough to win a prize at a party. But centuries ago, the wearing of costumes on this night was much more serious business.

If we delve way back into ancient European cultures, we find that they, especially the Celts, believed that the spirits of the dead came out on Samhain and could possess the living or play wicked tricks on them. In order to protect themselves from these spirits, people disguised themselves with masks and costumes so that the spirits would think the living were really hobgoblins or ghosts.

Around 800 AD, the Church made November 1st All Saint's Day (aka All Hallows). This holiday, now thought to be the Church's attempt to replace the pagan festival of the dead with a Christian holiday, was to honor the saints and martyrs. The night before this was known as All Hallows Eve. The day after was All Souls' Day, a day when Christians honored the dead by dressing up as angels, saints, and devils.

In the early 1900s, Halloween parties became popular in America and both adults and children wore costumes. In the 1930s, Americans saw the first mass-produced costumes in stores.

In Europe, Halloween costumes seem to have remained more traditional with people dressing up as supernatural creatures such as vampires, ghosts, witches, and devils, though this is changing. In America, we have seen a drop in traditional costumes and a surge of ones from pop culture such as cartoons, TV, movies, and celebrities as well as those designed to be sexy.

So, as you put together you costume this year, ask yourself if it can fool the ghouls and ghosts and lost souls sharing the evening with you.

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