April 17, 2009

Jfay's Fantasy Candles

If you’ve been following Supernatural Fairy Tales blog then you’re probably familiar with Candle Artist Jfay and her fabulous candles. She has created two fantasy candles for Supernatural Fairy Tales blog, Blueberry Spell and Poison Apple ,and also the Jaclyn Jade candle for my paranormal novel. However, you may not know that she has created an entire collection of fantasy and dark fantasy candles. All of Jfay's candles are created by hand and every candle is custom made. I asked her if she would share the inspiration for a few of her fantasy candle creations.

I describe it as vintage elegance with a romantic gothic flare. This candle was actually a special request from a couple about to be married. They were having a gothic themed wedding in black and purple and loved the style of the original Gothic Romance Candle and wanted one designed for them in their colors and also requested a special scent blend of Tobacco and Vanilla

Potion Commotion Candles

These are a devilishly delicious concoction filled with many scents, colors, and patterns. No two "Potions" or "Commotions" are ever the same, so you never know what Commotion your Potion will be! Your senses will be indulged with many scent surprises as your Potions burn layer by layer. I think people really get a kick out of being surprised when they receive their candle as they do not know exactly how their candle will look or smell.

The Shadow Candle was literally born from the pages of a story. It was designed for author W. Maltese’s Flicker Teen Warrior Saga. At the very beginning of the Flicker Saga, Melissa, a young Candle-Reader, dreams that she is in a cave, finds a blue candle, and lights it. She can then see the image of a girl in a blue robe within the flickering of the candle flames and tries to speak to her.
So when I designed this candle I wanted it to be blue but also have an eerie feel about it, so I chose to go with blue and gray waxes that were swirled together in sort of a spooky pattern and scented it in Shadow Spirit, a haunting fragrance of Sandalwood, Ginger, Apple, Sage and Citrus.

Golden Candle

The Golden Candle is another mystical Flicker Candle. Wax and honeycomb are gathered from the scrubland bees by Jimmy Who Knows in order to make this beauty. The Golden Candle is scented in what else, but Wild Honey! Here is a short blurb from the story describing the candle:

“It’s a seemingly sheer columnar container of pure light in which floats variegated honey, and chunks of honeycomb, and even the occasional scrubland bee inadvertently drowned when the materials were gathered, with scrubland bee permission, from the hive in the secluded wilderness area outside of Flicker. It’s all rather like prehistoric amber, not yet completely solidified, whose transparency has entrapped all sorts of wondrous things to see, to behold, and at which to marvel.”

The Flicker Fusion Candle and Book of Answers Candle are also part of the Flicker Saga. You can visit Jfay and Mr. Maltese at www.myspace.com/flickerwarriors to read Flicker. Chapters are posted every Monday and Thursday.

Be sure and stop by Jfay’s online candleshop http://www.studio3bonline.com/ to see all of her exciting designs in a multitude of categories, which include: Dramatic Candles, Chick Flick, Action/Adventure, Western, Mystery/Suspense, as well as the "Books in the Spotlight" Book and Candle Gallery. And also be sure and Visit Jfay’s Artsy Candles Blog http://artsycandles.blogspot.com/


Candle Artist Jfay said...

Thank you Dorlana. It is always a pleasure to work with you to design candles for your wonderful stories! Such inspiration! Jfay

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